who I am

I'm a computer scientist and maker, designer and bookbinder. I grew up in Manhattan though I'm now ex-patriate. 'Home' is cedar shingles on the South Fork but I'm forever loyal to the Q train.

Right now I live in Fairplay, CO, hanging out in the trees and getting ready to move to Denver.

things I like

Coffee, cats, concise design, analog media, artificial languages, natural languages, wool coats, socks, minimalist funk, niche grammar, mindful typefaces, games, sourdough bread, Dick Wolf and cold soba.

where I'm going

I'm trying to spend my time engaged in the things I love and sharing them with other people. Web design, book-making, and making coffee, are what I plan on doing to make a some kinda mark here. Want to help me make it? Shoot me a message if you want some freelance work done or just to share our latest projects over espresso or some bougie pour-over.