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Jordan Delawder needed a new site to show their work, so I set up a firebase db with a fancy google sheet for a super low cost CMS. Building out the page with some client side code keeps the whole thing 'static'. See their amazing work or check out the implementation.

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Working full-stack at Only Sky, I worked on OS Atmosphere, an online booking service for bespoke guided experiences at Winter Park. Using flask, sqlalchemy, jinja, jquery, and sass, I built out the guide search page, ecommerce flow, and integrated the whole thing with Stripe for payments and Only Sky's scheduling platform.

web development


Expanding off the visual synth, I've been working on a modular, client-side, web audio-based synthesizer app abstracted into custom HTML elements. Different sequencers and controllers mix-and-match with synth-engines, built on top of a library of modular synthesis classes. Check out the work in progress or clone the repo to build your own instruments or help me make something new.

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CU Boulder

We were contracted by the Real Estate Center at Leeds School of Business to design and develop a site for their one-of-a-kind Real Estate Technology program. Our clean design allowed the Real Estate Center to develop an online presence and get the word out about their unique program. Check out our finalized design and implementation here.

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Diving into generative music and the ancient math of rhythms, I learned about Euclidean rhythms and how to generate them with an algorithm named Bjorklund. I made a simple tool that makes it easy to generate and play with Euclidean rhythms.

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Synthesizers and electronic instruments are fun, and the web audio API is incredibly powerful tool to create your own. My friend Jacob and I have been building a funky little sequencer. Oscillator tone circles are dragged into one of eight steps and horizontal position determines the frequency of the oscillator. Dual modulators are tied to each oscillator, with a simple lowpass to round things out.

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Sarah is a bookbinder based out of Somerville, MA. She's about to finish her certification at the North Bennett Street School. I made a website for her, which you can check out here.

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I've been struggling lately with the state of guns, gun ownership, and gun violence in this country. For a project on the theme of "viz for good", my friend Katya and I built this visualization examining the effect that the rate of suicide has when comparing rates of gun death accross different countries.

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binj story map

We worked pro bono with the Boston Institue for Nonprofit Journalism to design and build a geographic visualization of their news stories, allowing their users to explore the stories happening around them from a whole new perspective. Our lightweight and low-cost app leverages MongoDB, Google Maps, and node.js, and sits on a free heroku dyno.

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My friends and I have been known to get pretty obsessive with our games (right now it's mostly Hearts, Big Two, and Yahtzee), logging scores for months. This is both a grand ole time and an excellent source of (more or less) insteresting data to visualize. Check out what I've done and how we've played.

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Cloe needed a lightweight, minimal site to showcase her work, an unobtrusive look and clean typefaces to let her photography take control. See her work and read more about what she's up to.

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made by hand

new cities

I'm an East-coast, North-American boy and recently spent some time looking in Taiwan and Japan.


Denver's got some good skies and buildings. Sometimes I rememeber to look up.


Quarter, half, and full cloth, mostly, with some other things thrown in there too.


Custom boxes.


Lately I've been writing more, and though it all still feels like sore calves after, sometimes I think it might sound nice, but you tell me.

BA Postcards

Postcards of Buenos Aires, its buildings, and its people.


Avery and I collaborated on a project to transform a plain, white duvet cover. Equal parts geometry and whimsy took over, and we wound up with a one-of-a-kind, functional piece that'll keep you warm and smiling at night.


A small can of mustard powder makes a yellow desk lamp.


We've been playing a lot of yahtzee lately, but we ran out of the little, pre-printed score sheets. I designed my own yahtzee booklets, which you can download, fold, staple (or stitch), and cut to make your own.